Chipster Envy

This first post rides in on the coattails of an epicure’s tragedy; I and my wisdom teeth were parted yesterday, and I can only eat things that are the texture of baby food. Even the banana I mashed into this morning’s yogurt was a struggle. I found myself panting halfway through the bowl, like a benchwarmer jock in a lacrosse game, and eventually had to scoop out and discard anything on the chunk continuum.

Adding temptation to injury were the seven or so bags of uniquely flavored potato chips my friend B, who is visiting from London, brought as a present. Seeing them on the cupboard shelf is the worst kind of torture. I love potato chips more than many things, even things to which I’m devoted—bangle bracelets, mass transit, coffee ice cream. I’d barter them all for some Lays down at the trading post without batting an eye.

These particular British examples (I am fighting the urge to call them crisps, because that is so tired and so 2002 Study Abroad) are even more tempting than fairness would mandate, because they come in cracktastic flavor combinations unavailable in the standard New York grocery store: Oven Roasted Chicken with Lemon & Thyme, Flame Grilled Steak, Thai Sweet Chili, Prawn Cocktail, and more.

Witness the treasures.
Potato schwag.

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4 Responses to Chipster Envy

  1. 180/360 says:

    Drifting from your comment at 101 Cookbooks…

    My husband is a Brit and I always marvel at the flavor of the “crisps” there. I’ve never seen Flame Grilled Steak, though! Worcestershire sauce chips always makes me laugh…

    Isn’t difference fabulous?

  2. Jeanne says:

    There are few better things to do in England than to sample the infinite variety of potato chip flavours that they produce. My favourite was a Tesco brand green Thai chicken curry flavour that has sadly been discontinued – heaven! I was very impressed though, on a recent visit home to South Africa, to find boerewors (a South African sausage) flavour chips there! They were vegetarian but tasted really authentic – very impressive and great for vegetarians pining for the taste of childhood BBQs 😉

  3. N says:

    180/360—The steak was great, but the roast chicken was my absolute favorite: easily the most futuristic-tasting snack I’ve ever had.

    Jeanne—Thai green curry chips sound so appealing. I’d like to toss them in a salad with mangoes and lime. I’ve seen boerewors at a braai, but I never got around to tasting them. With what are they flavored?

    Thanks for reading and for the nice comments, ladies!

  4. Mila says:

    Hullo, hopped over from Serious Eats. Enjoy the bi-atlantic postings.
    We’re deluged with American chips of the basic kind (ruffled, plain, baked, salted, bbq, sourcream, salt and vinegar) here in Manila. But we do have our own flavors, and also found a stash of “international flavored” lay’s potato chips once. They had spicy crab, french roast chicken, seafood bisque flavor. I particularly like wasabi flavored potato chips when I have a cold.

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