For a cocktail of reasons, we’ve long wanted to post some shorter entries about various things that catch our eye: first, shorter entries make it easier for you, dear reader, to clandestinely read HtoM posts at work; second, shorter entries are easier for us to clandestinely scribble out at work; third, we’ve been wanting to have a few regular features on the site; fourth, as some of you more observant readers might discern from the phone number tag on this post, we love a spirited, civil discussion about food and all things food-related.

Assuming you made it through the above layover in Sentence Chunkytown, I’d like to present our first 555-4444:

[Tympany flare]

Blake Royer of The Paupered Chef has a lovely post about raw milk, including a touching mention of “the luxury of gulping down fresh, good milk” that the substance grants his girlfriend. This morning finds Pim Techamuanvivit luxuriating further in the pleasures of the raw (like “buttah“), with the added frisson that comes from knowing it’s milk from her own cow. A few days earlier, The New York Times and The Washington Post wondered respectively about the dangers and rewards of raw dairy products.

I think (and have always thought) that raw milk is the bee’s knees, especially since I live near this fine establishment.

What are your thoughts about the stuff?

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6 Responses to Anfang

  1. B says:

    OK, I know I was all like, ‘Yes! N! I love 555-4444’ (it got me all verklempt)… but now whenever I think about it, a little voice in my head sings ‘867-5309’ in that eighties way that is fabulous and terrible.
    i want raw milk in london, but I fear it will cost me 7 MILLION POUNDS. 😦

  2. N says:

    B, now I can’t get that goddamn song out of my head and I hate you for it. See what you’ve done? Fie! Fie!

  3. B says:

    I hurt you, but I hurt myself more. the song appears to now be burned on my brain.

  4. ils vont says:

    Just found your blog…I like raw milk its the real deal; its honest. Great looking site.

  5. B says:

    ok. i hurt you more.

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