A Proper Day

(A Proper Breakfast)

(A Proper Lunch)

(A Proper Dinner)

Recipes will follow soon.

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8 Responses to A Proper Day

  1. B says:

    SLATHER….. N, why must you tease me with things from harrod’s that I can’t afford even though its only 20 minutes away from MY house???
    I’m looking forward to the recipes…


  2. B says:

    wait – in the world of gastroporn, is publishing pictures without titles or recipes the equivalent to causing gastro-blueballs for our readers?

    Don’t be such a tease N!


  3. onya says:

    N, can I ask what kind of cam you use? it’s excellent whatever it is. -o

  4. N says:


    It’s a regular Olympus point-shoot. Nothing extraordinary. The days of nice SLR cameras are behind (and also hopefully in front of) me.

  5. Clumsy says:

    Hello! Just wanted to stop by and say the photos on your site are AMAZING! I absolutely love them!

    Thank you for such a tantalizing blog!

  6. N says:

    Aw, shucks. I should thank YOU for your sweet and friendly comments.

  7. k says:

    Hey is the Rasum recipe pictured here up on the sight? Tantalizing indeed.


  8. N says:

    K (or should I say Miguel?),

    I followed this post with another containing all the recipes [link].

    My mother sends me batches of the rasam powder for which the recipe calls, but in the post, I’ve linked to a site that provides instructions for making one’s own.

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