A Report From Bed

I had plenty of time to browse the electronic food world this weekend, as my party pooper tendencies expanded and multiplied when I became ill on Friday and spent most of the weekend in bed with my laptop taking 3 hour naps. I did go the Ironmonger Row baths on Sunday, and after sweating in a hot room and plunging in a cold pool, sweating and plunging ad nauseum, I feel somewhat like a human being again today.

Ironmonger Row Baths [from aquaterra.org]

Right. To food! Over on the Times food section, it seems as if all the UK food-loving public is waiting with bated breath to see who will reign triumphant with the biggest pair of chef bollocks: Gordon Ramsey or Marco Pierre White. Seriously, it’s like they can’t put any other faces on the front page anymore. Although I have a fondness in my heart for Gordon Ramsey (the F-Word is a great show), I hate this aspect of the cooking world. I honestly read these articles just to become deliciously indignant as to the testosterone saturated state of the professional cooking industry. (cue GOB Bluth: COME ON!!!) It’s pretty fun in an angry kind of way.

I’ve been highly amused by the high-flying food high-jinx of Robyn (aka The Girl who Ate Everything)’s trip to Phoenix. There is something so delicious about updates coming in almost real-time. Since she is kept so busy making sure we all have lots to talk about on Serious Eats, I hope she has a most relaxing vacation.

Finally, the Guardian’s food section has a weekly baking master class authored by Dan Lepard that I’ve been enjoying. While I’ve never been a really big baker (although I did go through a phase in university where I baked pretzels with cumin on a weekly basis), this week’s recipe is for black bread – something that isn’t so easy to find here in London.

Until next time – 867-5309,


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One Response to A Report From Bed

  1. N says:

    Yeah, like the guy in the $6000 suit has time to watch cooking shows. Come on!!

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