To Market, To Market

Street Market Sign

The first Friday and Saturday of the month are fast-approaching, friends! It can mean only one thing: the previously mentioned Whitecross Street Food Market. I know, I’ve teased you long enough. It’s time to look at what they had on offer last time, and plan co-ordinated visits in a timed fashion in order to make good on all bargains and delicious items on offer.

Let’s take an indexed look at what can be expected.

delicious pillows of deliciousness

  • The Cupcake Girls

These girls probably have a name – but I can’t remember it as I’m too busy staring blatantly at their pillows of deliciousness. (And no, I’m not expressing my subconscious Sapphic tendencies – I’m talking about the desserts). They sell these cupcakes in pretty 1950s housewife dresses with pretty tablecloths. It makes me feel like those Saturday mornings when my mom still used to bake muffins before she had a career. Oh mom, why did you have to participate economically in the public sphere? Luckily, I can replace that lost feeling with these cupcakes.

  • The Little Green Men


These guys love chillies, and after not being able to find chilli seeds for my garden last spring, I wish I had known about them then. There is currently a Thai Dragon Chilli plant growing in my kitchen window from seeds I bought from them. They often serve free chilli ‘tapas’ – i.e. sautéed chillies with sea salt. It’s a good way to let people try their product, and I love free things. You can see why we get along.

Boar's Head

  • Various Meaty-Delicious Things

Maybe it’s cause I’m Canadian, and lots of my parents’ cooking was inspired by English food – but I like down home English food. And there is nothing I love more than different kinds of English savoury pies. I never liked pastry until I tried a meat pie, and even though most of them have more lard than you need to eat in a lifetime, they are good. And they have a boar’s head outside their stall to let you know that here is where you can get dead animals. Besides pies there are cuts of venison, boar, pheasant and rabbit on sale. Good stuff.


  • Tarts


Be warned. Two of my co-workers bought tarts from the above table, and found them to be slightly soggy and greasy. We walked further down the market and found very similar tarts that were light, crispy and cheaper. When buying tarts, either buy the cheapest ones or be prepared to hear me say I told you so.

  • Cheese and Bread


No food market in London is complete without loads of artisan bakeries and cheese shops coming out to show off their wares like an over-eager pimp taking his ladies out for a stroll. Its quite dangerous to walk to near them – like crack dealers, they give you free samples.

  • Pintxos/Tapas

Pintxos is the Basque word for tapas. I lived for a time just outside Pais Vasco, and so I have a recognised soft spot for Basque style pintxos and cider. This stall sells both, and they are exactly the same as what I would buy before a night of clubbing in my days in Spain. Awesome.


And well, that’s only the tip of the iceberg! There is also amazing Italian food (see below), olive oils, CDs and DVDs, the usual array of food trucks, and of course I’ll be there eating it all up. My internship ends next month, and I don’t know what I’ll do without weekly exposure to this wonderful street.

Italian Food

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2 Responses to To Market, To Market

  1. Casey says:

    Just found this blog (through Becks and Posh) and am LOVING this post. I see I have lots of great reading ahead.

  2. Debbi says:

    Just to set the record straight… I did bake muffins and cupcakes for B, many years ago, but I swear that I never wore a “1950s housewife dress” while doing it!~ If I did, it is a good thing that I found wage employment!

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