B, Look What I Made!

Green pea puree

That’s right. Green pea puree! This is a slightly different incarnation of your recipe. A cousin, shall we say, but I think they’ll get along at the Puree Family Reunion. I didn’t set out to change anything, but when I came home too tired for the market, I had to make do with what I had. So the herb du puree became cilantro, and I added two brined jalapenos and a snift or two of their escabeche to offset any soapiness as a result of the switch. The cheese I had on hand was a pecorino redolent with barnyard funk.

I was a little nervous about the changes, especially the pecorino, which tends to steamroll all other flavors into ghostly echoes of what they once were. I cracked my knuckles before I tasted it, as I am wont to do before testing things. [Sidenote: This is among a number of my obsessive-compulsive habits, all extremely endearing and not at all strange.]

It was really quite excellent. Am I allowed to say that? It really was. J and I spread it on toasted sourdough points, and ate the lot with tomatoes, more pecorino, and assorted charcuterie. Hear hear, B!

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3 Responses to B, Look What I Made!

  1. Joanna says:

    I like the idea of the jalapenos in pea puree … and I love how all this pea puree keeps evolving according to what’s in the fridge … the one I made which inspired B was an approximation of one made by Suzie, who later gave me the recipe. So that’s four different pea purees on two blogs. Maybe it’s time to move on to bean puree …


  2. B says:

    Oh, that looks yummy. and who doesn’t love barnyard funk? i’m lovin all the foodblog love.

  3. leena! says:

    A second on the peppers in the puree. I am a firm believer that pickled jalapenos can make anything taste better.

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