Folded Eggs, Folded Minds.

My perfect omelette

There are certain holes in anyone’s culinary talents — things we weren’t taught, or haven’t had the energy to research … and then there are things we didn’t even know we didn’t know, if you will. Making omelettes is one of those skills I didn’t even realise I didn’t have. I thought I could make perfectly acceptable, passable omelettes, folded and fluffy, until I saw a video on Serious Eats explaining how to make a folded omelette and my eyes were opened. It was a whole new technique to explore — I was excited to try something new. And when I did, I realised I could never return to what I had previously defined as an ‘omelette.’

The Serious Eats videos involving eggs, of which there are two, are demonstrated by George Weld, head chef of Egg in Brooklyn — so you’d think he’d have a bit of experience making omelettes. The technique outlined in the video involves, among other things, not beating the eggs too much and moving the pan and a fork in opposite directions while the egg cooks. Most importantly, Weld instructs viewers to move the uncooked egg into areas of the pan where the egg is cooked, thinly spreading the egg mixture. Finally, he demonstrates the most difficult part: the perfect fold. I won’t ruin the surprise by trying to describe it here.

Omelet in pan

Now, I love a lot of veggies in my omelet, and I stuffed this one with spinach, red onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, green and red pepper and cheddar cheese. This was a double portion to be shared with my flatmate, so we ended up making a giant omelette bursting at the seams with five eggs and five types of veggies stuffed inside. Obviously this precluded me from rolling the little beauty, but using the technique demonstrated by George Weld I was able to at least create a very neat fold.

The difference in the texture of the eggs, their light fluffiness, and the sophistication of the omelette in general was AMAZING. It was OH SO TASTY, dear readers. I can’t recommend this video be watched — and emulated — enough.

Furthermore, I’m 25 years old and I still can’t seem to get over how awesome Sunday breakfasts are. Anyone with me on that?

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4 Responses to Folded Eggs, Folded Minds.

  1. supercharz says:

    Thanks for linking that… My omelettes always end up too browned on one side, and runny on the inside. I shall be attempting this tomorrow morning. One thing though – for a chef who prides himself on his EGGpertise (har har), it’s shocking the way he cracks them… (on the edge of the bowl and not on a flat surface, thus increasing the chance of egg shell getting into the egg – which actually happened, I noticed!)
    Or is that just me?

  2. I found that link very interesting. It is good to have another way to make an omelette. The folded-in-half style certainly works best when you have lots of ingredients for the filling, but I also like this rolled omelette, perhaps with just cheese and herbs, for a more elegant style. Thanks!

  3. I’m going over to have a look at the video. I find eggs so hard, as a category. Like the whole 3-6-9 thing. It never works for me – do you count the minutes from when you put the egg in the cold water? Or from when it boils? When do you put the egg in….

  4. matt says:

    I wouldn’t let him anywhere near my Le Creuset with that metal fork!!! Oh, the scratches!!

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