Rootbeer and Rips in the Space/Time Continuum


So I’ve been playing with time a little bit in my last few postings – first I was in London, then Canada, then Nantwich, and now we’re returning to Canada for a brief almost-interlude with a beverage I must live without for approximately 11 months of the year: rootbeer.

I thought about adding a new cryptic category to our blog: “Big Yellow Taxi.” Sing a few lines to yourself and perhaps you’ll understand what I mean, but basically I wanted a category for celebrations of things I can’t get wherever I am. It’d be a big category, as both N and I have traveled a lot – and to be honest, no matter how good the food is wherever I am, I’m always missing food I can get somewhere else.

So when I went back to Canada I was gloriously reunited not only with root beer, but also with Jones Soda, which plays to our general wishes to be individual by producing different pictures on the label of every bottle. Either way, I call it delicious.

Here is another thing I can’t get in London: My grandparents dog, Sunny.

Dog for biting

Obviously, he’s just as happy to see me as I am to see him.

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2 Responses to Rootbeer and Rips in the Space/Time Continuum

  1. N says:

    Oh, puppy! Look at that punim.

  2. Debbi says:

    B…. I don’t think he looks happy at all, in fact he looks like he did something wrong and is feeling guilty!

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