What stinks??

So I’ve noticed that occasionally I suffer from an extremely senstive sense of smell – meaning being in a fish market, a butcher shop, catching a whiff of certain foods, or a stuffy tube or walking by a shop can cause me to want to vomit or even gag.  Ironically, at other times I can visit the same places with no problems.

It seems the answer is of course, biology.

“A woman’s sense of smell is better than a man’s, but only during those few days within a woman’s monthly cycle when conception is possible. During the rest of her cycle she is no better than a man at detecting scents, and during menstruation, her ability to detect odors is often worse than a man’s.

“It is no accident that a woman’s greatest nasal acuity coincides with the fleeting days of maximum fertility – the time when it is most important for her to sense out the best biological mate.”

While I don’t notice myself sniffing out men, I definitely notice something!!

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One Response to What stinks??

  1. sospokesaroj says:

    I think I’ve heard this theory before, I’d be curious to know the biological reason for that. Nonetheless, it’s pretty cool!

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