Lets shave it off…

My platonic life partner and I are often mistaken as a couple – mostly because he’s male, and I’m female, and well, thats what people tend to think.  I often go to great lengths, for no particular reason, to clarify the platonic nature of our relationship – if only to keep things clear in my own mind, or feel that I’m using our very close friendship to feed that part of me that would be fulfilled with a boyfriend.

But sometimes its waaay too much of a bother to clarify.  Like when we’re out with friends who don’t yet know he’s gay, who are all couples, and we’re the only ‘non-couple’, and its loud and noisy, and no one asks we’re actually dating, its all just assumed.  I can’t yell over the music “WE ARE ONLY REALLY GOOD FRIENDS, YOU KNOW!” but I end up feeling like some kind of involuntary beard, especially since the drunker my PLP gets,the more affection comes my way.  I end up being his de-facto girlfriend for the night – and due to his culture and a whole lotta other stuff, end up feeling a bit uneasy.  Not cool.

Dumbledores beard was an actual beard

Dumbledore's beard was an actual beard

On a similar note, this same group of people, again due to noise and company, all also assumed I was Colombian, given the music covered up my accent, and well, I have dark hair.  Funny how I didn’t seem to have as big a problem with that…

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