This viral sponsored by…

I know life is moving quickly and everything, but it seems a bit ridiculous that I can already look back on the ‘good old days’ of viral videos, when they were pure and untainted by the commercial world.

Oh, angry baby landlord, dancing traveller, finger biting charlie, even 2 girls 1 cup (sorry, not linking that!) I long for the days when you were a simple social phenomenon that made me giggle, and not a vital strain of a marketing scheme.

This week T-mobile released a viral video ‘commercial’ that has been featured on prominent blogs throughout the tinternet.  According to Viral Video Chart, its become the number 2 most watched video on the internet in the past 7 days. 

It was on Perez Hilton the day it was released.  On Hecklerspray, one of my favourite celebrity gossip blogs, this video was featured as a post justifying it as ‘cute’ and ‘touching’ with the following fine print:
This is a sponsored article. To see your viral featured on hecklerspray contact us”

All I can think is – WTF!?!?!?  I know blogs operate with their own code and all – its an arena for free speech, but man, is it genius or folly??  Am I naive to be shocked?  I know viral videos have been used to advertise before, but I haven’t ever seen a co-ordinated release featuring blog sponsorhip!

I feel now, I can only harrumph.

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