My love affair with Dennis Lee continues

Another excerpt from Alligator Pie (1974) [aka: my childhood]

Tricking, by Dennis Lee

When they bring me a plate
Full of stuff that I hate
Like spinach and turnips and guck,
I sit very straight
And I look at the plate,
And I quietly say to it: Yuck!

Little kids bawl
Cause I used to be small,
And I threw it all over the tray.
But now I am three
And I’m much more like me –
I yuck till they take it away.

But sometimes my dad
Gets ter
riffickly mad,
And he says, “Don’t you drink from that cup!”
But he can’t say it right
Cause he’s not very bright –
So I trick him and drink it all up!

Then he gets up and roars;
He stomps on the floor
And he hollers, “I warn you, don’t eat!!”
He counts up to ten
And I trick him again:
I practically finish the meat.

Then I start on the guck
And my daddy goes “Yuck!”
And he scrunches his eyes till they hurt.
So I shovel it in
And he grins a big grin
And then we have dessert.

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