…inspired by Starbucks??

“According to recent releases both from the Seattle Death Star and UK corporate HQ, Starbucks is going to change its image with a raft of carefully selected authenticity cues. The centrally dictated colour palette and drear interiors will be smartened up with local artefacts, community noticeboards and possibly, whisper it low, second-hand furniture.

They’ve already kicked off the party with a new site in Seattle branded ’15th Ave. Coffee and Tea Inspired by Starbucks.”

 – The Guardian on Starbucks’ ‘debranding’.

I love it when corporations are in denial about how corporate they are.  Why fight the market niche you’ve inserted yourself into so well?  Although I prefer Caffe Mobile any day of the week, Starbucks has a place in my life – I won’t deny that when I’m in a country where a decent cup of coffee is very difficult to find (like China!), seeing that shiny green logo is like a homing beacon.

No, I don’t coo over the menu like a few tourists might (wow, capuccino in spanish is capuccino!) but I go in.  There, I said it.

This is like when McDonalds went all Euro all over again.

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One Response to …inspired by Starbucks??

  1. admagnusson says:

    Amusing and very true.


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