Chicken (breasts) Wrapped in Pancetta, Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Fresh Herbs

Evil Evil Evil

Evil Evil Evil

Recently I went anti-chicken breast.  I believe strongly that when it comes to food, the more disconnected we get from the idea that we are actually eating animals, the more picky we get about which part of the animals we eat and the more cruel we treat them before they die, and the result is that chicken breasts now represent all that is evil in the modern food industry.  Same goes for the stupid people who eat them only. 

Besides that, chicken breasts, especially from battery hens are tasteless and boring!  Where is the texture, the flavour?  They often taste of nothing.

But I recently went home to Canada and was faced with numerable obstacles in my personal vendetta against chicken breasts:

  • My cousin would eat nothing but chicken breasts or steak;
  • I couldn’t even find a whole chicken to then butcher;
  • Even when I would cave and buy them, there were no free-range or organic options;

What’s a socially conscious meat eater to do except close her eyes and pretend she sees nothing for few days?  So I caved, and I cooked chicken breasts, and the following recipe was one of my attempts to insert flavour into the worst of North American food culture: the over-watered, over-hormoned, under-exercised chicken breast.

Chicken (breasts) Wrapped in Pancetta, Stuffed with Goat cheese and Fresh Herbs

4                        Chicken Breasts
8 slices            Pancetta
2 packages     Chevre or other creamy goat cheese
1 handful         Fresh parsley, chopped
1 handful         Fresh thyme, chopped
1 handful         Fresh rosemary, chopped (although tarragon might be nice instead)
2 cloves           Garlic, minced
5-6                     Oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes
Salt and pepper to taste.

Preheat the oven to 180/350 degrees.

 In a mixer or mixing bowl, combine goat’s cheese, herbs, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes and mix thoroughly.  Once the mixture is smooth and creamy, set aside in the fridge.

Trim the fat and connective tissue from the chicken breasts and cut a pocket into each one.  Season to taste.  Stuff with the cheese mixture and wrap in 2 slices of pancetta.  Place on a baking tray with the pancetta ends folded down.

Bake for 25 minutes or until pancetta is crispy and chicken juices run clear.  Serve with fresh salads and a drizzling of lemon juice.


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4 Responses to Chicken (breasts) Wrapped in Pancetta, Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Fresh Herbs

  1. Toffeeapple says:

    NO! I can’t believe that Canada has no tasty chickens. I feel so sorry for you, are you glad to be back in ‘Chicken Out’ country?

  2. B says:

    well, canada i’m sure has some very nice chickens, but way up in the Northwest Territories, there weren’t any. That particular food movement has yet to reach the north sadly.

  3. Tia G says:

    I LOVE goat cheese and this recipe sounds amazing!

  4. Josefina says:

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