What do I *do* all day here?

A lot of people have asked me what it is, exactly, that I’m doing all day long here at the conference centre.  And well, I struggle to tell them!  I feel I don’t have a moment to spare all day, so today I’m going to keep a diary of how I’m spending my time.

6:45 am – wake up, shower

7:45 am – head to Bella Center

7:55 am – arrive at Bella Centre

8:45 am – Enter Bella Center, get daily schedule, summary of previous days preceedings

9:00 am – Eat breakfast, read documents, wait for rest of team to get in

9:45 am – Coordinate with rest of team on daily activities, who will attend what, what outputs by end of day

10:30 am – prepare for videoconference with London on whats been happening

10:45 am – get new draft text on c.c. adaptation, read it frantically

11:00 am – videoconference with London

11:40 am – blog, tweet, catch up on emails, arrange meeting with Canadian delegation

12:00 pm – begin working on website story, and write journal entries for Fabiola Quishpe, continue reading draft text

12:37 pm – see favourite Malawian delegate in corridor, trail him a few minutes while calling colleagues to see if we’ve bothered him recently, get the go-ahead, stop to chat, take some photos together

1:00 pm – attend ‘mermaid awards’ for worst corporate lobbying with Naomi Klein, fratically text press officer re: Michael McCarthy’s attendance from The Independent, fawn over Naomi

Part Press Conference, Part last Supper

1:45 pm – queue for 25 mins to get some lunch – ‘veal’ schnitzel with salad and potatoes

2:35 pm – check emails, write some notes, write diary entries for Fabiola

3:00 pm – meet with local politicians on Canadian delegation, discuss problems of Canadian position, the North and climate change

3:35 pm – sneak into media centre, continue tweeting/blogging/emails,

4:30 pm – meet with rest of team to coordinate afternoon/evening activities

5:00 pm – attend ‘welcome ceremony’ with Ban Ki Moon and Prime Minister of Denmark

6:30 pm – Check out the KP and LCA plenaries (main final sessions of negotiating tracks)

????? – Go home (ok, the last 3 items are predicted, many things could happen in between!!)

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