My new mandolin…

While recently in Malaga I bought this mandolin at a flea market for 9 euros.

It wasn’t vintage or anything – but worked a treat, and would save me ages when it came to make large batches of chutney, or making pretty julienned carrots or whatever.

Of course, I should also show off, at the same time, my new mandolin injury which had me at St. Bart’s minor injury clinic for most of Friday evening.

Note to readers: Even when ‘testing’ your mandolin with a very long cucumber, always use the hand guard!!

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2 Responses to My new mandolin…

  1. Yikes! I used a cloth for extra protection

  2. janet says:

    yea, i would have to agree with your note to readers. The exact same thing happened and like you and I thought, ”hey the cucumber is long enough that my hand wouldn’t be near it…OUCH!” blood and cucumber salad anyone?

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