Home-Infused Spirits – order now for Christmas!

Due to the overwhelming interest and demand experienced at Sunday’s Underground Food and Craft Market, I thought it be best to set up a page for Christmas orders sooner rather than later.  All items listed below are home-brewed or home-infused, come with labels and make unique and unusual gifts for dinner parties, birthdays and Christmas! Oh, and they taste great too!


email thehandandthemouth at gmail dot com and we’ll talk delivery/pickup arrangements and other details.

Rosemary Lavender Vodka (very popular!)
aromatic, pungent and complex, this vodka can be served with traditional soda/tonic or straight for the more adventurous.

Bloody Mary Vodka
infused with celery, tomato stem and chili, this provides the perfect pick-me-up for those needing a touch of hare o’ the dog

Vanilla Vodka
For a softer, more aromatic experience, this makes a great addition to white russians, or straight coca-cola.

Chili Vodka
A spicy and fiery spirit for spicy and fiery people

Cucumber Gin (very popular!)
A refreshing classic, this is the perfect addition to the traditional G&T

Vanilla Rum
Add to a hot toddy on cold winter nights, or drink straight

H2M Spiced Rum
My secret combination of spices is a new take on this classic flavoured rum

Prices: 250 mL for £8, 700ml for £18, 1L for £26
I need one week’s notice for any order, but all these spirits are best consumed 1 month after initial infusion.


A twist on classic limoncello, this grapefruit liqueur makes a great aperitivo

Literally translated as “100 herbs” this digestivo has citrus, spice, tea and coffee amongst its arms-length list of ingredients.  It is complex and intriguing.

Sloe Gin (£10/250 ml)
This classic gin is infused with the fruit of blackthorn bushes and shaken daily for 3 months.  A classic Christmas treat.

*Please note liqueurs won’t be ready before December 1st.

Prices:  £7 per 250ml bottle





Elderflower (seasonal, sold out)

These refreshing syrups make a great base for a cocktail or simply mix with sparkling water for a thist-quenching drink

Prices: £4 per 250 ml bottle

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