Underground Christmas Market, December 5, 2010

Its back!  Guerrilla Restauranteur Ms. Marmite Lover will be hosting another Christmas Market in her 2 bedroom flat in Kilburn on Sunday, December 5th.

I’ll also be back with another stall – selling hot tipples such as coffee with homemade baileys, hot buttered rum, and prosecco with sloe gin.  I’ll also have boozy treats in bottles.  On offer will be the ever popular rosemary lavender vodka, cucumber gin as well as new treats such as spiced rum and chilli infused bloody mary vodka.

I’ll also have a few liqueurs on offer, including sloe gin, pompello and centerbe – my trademark digestif made with a ‘hundred’ (not really a hundred but more than 20!) herbs, fruits and spices.

Prices in general will hover around £8/bottle and 2 for £15, except the sloe gin which is £9.

Tickets can be bought here, or at the door on the day.  If you’d like to show up on the day, email the hand and the mouth at gmail dot com and i’ll help you with the address.

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