AFRICA (by Toto)

Next week (or so – still not clear yet) I’ll head off to Ethiopia for a few weeks for work.   I wasn’t really letting myself get excited just in case it all fell through, but yesterday I bought some new sunglasses, and well, its all very exciting now.

So for research purposes (as we all know 1980’s music videos might as well be anthropology documentaries) I’ve been listening to a whole lot of Toto’s Africa.  You know, the one about rains in Africa:

A few thoughts on this masterpiece of 80’s pop:

1) The whole video could basically be an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  If Buffy were a middle aged man, Giles were a sexy lady watcher and the latest demon was some kind of Zulu warrior travelling through time to destroy the world.  again.

2) It appears after hours and days of steamy evening searches, our hero finds what he needs in a volume called “Africa”.  Huh.  It appears then, that everything I need to know about AFRICA, I can find in books called AFRICA.  But that shouldn’t be the first place you look, no no no.  But you know, AFRICA is basically a country, right?

3) This video could also be a fashion show of awesome eyewear.  I desperately need new glasses, and I was full of envy.

4) Finally, its the little details that make this video great: the band is playing on a stage made of books.  The keyboard solos.  The drum kit has an African drum instead of a snare (but he hits it with a drum stick anyways).  The look on the lead singer’s face when the books fall on the oil lamp.  That Africa is apparently lit with torches and oil lamps despite the lazyily spinning electric ceiling fan.

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2 Responses to AFRICA (by Toto)

  1. Kavey says:

    Can I recommend this wonderful version by Perpetuum Jazzile?

  2. jean says:

    Crumbs, this is all true. Especially the glasses. Oh man, those glasses.

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