Canadian Lobster in London

A few days ago I had the pleasure of sampling Belgo’s new Lobsterfest menu… an interesting opportunity to eat lobster, you know, in a restaurant, not boiled in a pot in our backyard the way true Canadians do it.

We began with bisque (moreish and well seasoned, but a bit thin compared to other bisques I’ve had) and moved on to a whole lobster, served with chips and salad.

The lobsters were smaller than I am used to, but it was so nice to get stuck into a lobster – I find them to be to like puzzle food: it takes years to get good technique on how to dismantle one and get the best bits of meat, while its impossible to do it daintily.  Throw aside your knife and fork, tie on that bib and go wild.

I was shocked to see some of my fellow bloggers abandon their lobsters after only eating the tails and claw, and I even took the carcass of my neighbour to get the legs, the arm meat and the little bits in the tail.

The lobster itself had lovely garlic butter slathered all over it, but the downside of the dish was that this butter coated the already generously dressed salad, meaning that by the time I got round to eating it the leaves had become a slightly wilted greasy mess.

The staff at Belgo was great, and although I’m not a beer drinker, I enjoyed the paired beers that came with the meal and the explanations given by their beer sommellier.  I particularly enjoyed the Cristal with the bisque.

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