Useful Oyster Book

I love oysters.  Love ‘em.

From the first time I bravely glugged one down (swallowed immediately, of course) in a cheap Parisian bistro of rue Mouffetard during my post-uni obligatory European backpacking tour, I knew we were made to be together for a long time.

I now slowly savour oysters, chewing them luxuriously before swallowing down that taste of the sea.  They are, in my opinion best served with lashings of shallot vinegar andTabasco– but lemon can be used in a pinch.

 But I struggled with Oysters – as I couldn’t (and am not quite ready yet) to prepare them myself.  I love a bargain, and I live near a really lovely fishmonger.  I hated the fact that I couldn’t sort myself out with some oysters on the halfshell…instead waiting for special occasions in restaurants or the odd taste at borough market to get my fix.

Enter the London Oyster Guide recently released by the British Shellfish Association (yes there is such a thing).

The book lists 150 places inLondonto eat oysters (not necessarily the most useful part of the book as these things are often immediately out of date and that’s what the internet is for…) but  it does have a whole basic oyster education within its pages I’ve found most useful.

I now know the difference between a rock oyster and a native oyster – and I know those numbers (ie: no. 2) have to do with size.  They review shucking knives.  There is a step by step picture guide to shucking and several nice recipes (though the day I get bored ofTabascoand shallot vinegar is the day I die as far as I’m concerned).

I’m now ready to have my own glamourous champagne and oyster parties.  How very lovely.  Dress code: Feather Boas and Monocles mandatory.

*** I was given a copy of the London Oyster Guide to preview ***

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4 Responses to Useful Oyster Book

  1. Toffeeapple says:

    I shall dig out my monocle immediately! I have never eaten raw oysters but I have eaten many cooked and like them a lot. Thanks for the link, I shall peruse that shortly.

  2. Tia G says:

    Oooo I haven’t had raw oysters in forever! You just reminded me how much I love them. My first time, I ate a dozen and a half – just before going dancing! I was a bit uncomfortable, but still loved ’em! 🙂

  3. B says:

    Well done Tia! I am impressed. I had 3 my first time… but it was a growing love affair that hasn’t abated.

    Toffee – I am sure there are also some excellent youtube videos on how to shuck an oyster 🙂

  4. Codero says:

    I love your comment about Boas and Monocles! hehehe

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