2am Truths on the Streets of Dakar

So this was your day: you leave your house at 9am. 90 minutes later you arrive at Heathrow. 2 hours later you arrive in paris. 5 hours later you leave paris. 5 hours after this you land in Dakar. Its midnight. You stand 1.5 hours in various lines. You are finally released. You find the man with your name on a sign. MR. OKEEEEFE. You get in the car, and you quietly chat in French as you drive into the city. And this is how it goes:

Me: I am not a Mr., you know…
Driver: Oh, of course! I am sorry.  But how do I say your name? ‘OH-KEH-PHEE’?
Driver: OH-KEH-PHE?
Me: actually my name is Brie.
Driver: what?
Me: Ohkehphe is fine.  Lets call it my Senegal name.
Driver: VERY GOOD!

Driver: are you married?
Me: no
Driver: why not?
Me: oh you know, I haven’t found the right man. Plus I travel a lot with my career and that makes it difficult
Driver: oh yes… that gets very difficult. Ohkehphee, what you need is a man who is happy to let you have a career, who just says ‘hey, go, work, its cool’ and happy to let you be free.
Me: yes exactly! Plus he needs to not be jealous of my work or my career.
Driver: oh yes. Oh yes. Ohkehphee, a man should never be jealous. Me, I’m definitely not jealous.
Me: Yeah, me neither.
Driver: No Ohkehphee you are Jealous! You are very jealous.
Me: excuse me?
Driver: yes. Jealous.
Me: how do you know?
Driver: I just looked into your eyes, and I knew you were jealous. You’ve got that look about you. Me, I’m never jealous, I just go, let women do what they like. I’m free.
Me: Well, its easier for a man to be free like that.
Driver: true, ohkehphee, true.

Driver: Do you want to go salsa dancing with me?

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2 Responses to 2am Truths on the Streets of Dakar

  1. Toffeeapple says:

    Well, did you?

  2. *clap clap clap*

    It is my considered opinion that you can tell how good a trip will be by how close to performance art the public transit operators/taxi drivers conversations are.

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