After 20 hours in transit, I landed last night to a balmy -18 in Yellowknife, my frozen hometown in Canada’s north.  It was a hard journey – worn down, ill, hungover and exhausted I was very close to my limit and ready to be taken in.

Yellowknife, late afternoon, Christmas Eve.

I have many memories of winter homecomings to Yellowknife, and these help me remember that the weather I’m currently finding quite chilly is actually very mild at the moment.  I still remember one year landing to the announcement that it was -36 degrees, -42 with the windchill.

But because I’ve lived away for many years, I found the current weather cold enough to just bite at the edges of comfort.  Its quiet, beautiful and still – and I almost don’t want to go out lest I disturb it.  The sun lazily rises, breaking completely at half 10 and at 330 begins its descent back down.  When you wake up at 5am with jetlag, thats a long time to wait for a sunrise.  A lot is done here, in total darkness.

This is where I recharge my batteries.  I find myself now plugged in and ready to reconnect.

To all my lovely readers, thanks for taking the time to digest my ramblings and whims.  I hope you have a restful winter break of some variety, you have moments to appreciate those who love you and time to reflect on your life to decide the direction you will take in the coming year.  Bring on 2012!



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One Response to Homecomings

  1. Toffeeapple says:

    I hope that you will be well rested and fed before you begin your homeward journey. Greetings to you!

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