Drunk Girl on the Night Bus

The first verse of this song begins with ‘now, we’ve all been there once or twice’… and its so true.  I’ve been that crying girl on the night bus/last tube/outside the club (probably more times than I’d admit) and I’d challenge you to find a girl who spent her mid-twenties in London who hasn’t.

Living far from home and the prevalence of public over private entertaining means we’re all too often forced to play out major personal dramas in public in this city.  We have evolved a benign social etiquette – mostly we just ignore this poor girl in crisis, letting her think no one sees her.  Its way I prefer it.

I fell down the escalators at London bridge one night when I was 24 storming away from a fight with a boy.  I then stood at the bottom crying until he found me.  A real highlight of my life, let me tell you.  But I suppose that fall and those tears planted the seeds for this song – and the tender compassion I have for every drunk hot mess weeping on public trasnportation.

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3 Responses to Drunk Girl on the Night Bus

  1. Gorgeous – and I could totally hear it this time and everything 🙂

  2. Bianca says:

    Brie, you are a girl full of suprises, beauty and emotion. I wish I could be your neighboor. Great work btw, keep it up!

  3. Deb Ross says:

    It’s lovely to hear your voice Brie! and I loved the song! Keep recording!

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