Leon Has a Stalker

My friend Leon came to see me in December for an A.Skillz show (a fateful night that had me sitting outside my flat at 2am with a locksmith drilling the door while Leon finished jamming to A.Skillz but I digress…)

Anyways, as we recounted each other’s romantic misadventures he told me of a girl at his uni who had taken a very, uh, keen interest in him.  So keen that he saw her everywhere.  At his work, classes, the library – she was just around.

Anyways, the culmination of this mild stalking happened when he came home from dinner one night and found her sitting in his dorm room.  She’d found it open, you see.  And she just wanted to see him.

“Don’t you realise,” I said to Leon, “that it means it wasn’t a coincidence she found your door open the one time you left it unlocked… it means she’s been walking by and trying the door all the time.”

And then I thought – hm, I should write a song about that feeling.  That feeling of sitting in someone’s room waiting for them to come back when you’re not supposed to be there.  That feeling of being a complete slave to your impulses, and living in fucking la-la land.  So I did.

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