Let’s put on a show!

So last night I went to see a musical with my previous flatmate and dance journalist extraordinaire Lyndsey Winship.  The plot of said musical involved a derelict theatre in Nevada staving off foreclosure by putting on a show.  After some false starts and hard knocks the show was a hit and the theatre was saved.  Hooray!

Not only is this the plot of my favourite teen fantasy film Empire Records but its also an amazing solution to real-life problems that is never, ever applicable in real life.  When leaving the venue Lyndsey and I discussed various aspects of the future downfall of print journalism before she suggested: Brie, I know how to save the magazine!!! LETS PUT ON A SHOW!

We spent the next 20 minutes while waiting for the bus devising the plot line, impromptu tap dancing and singing random lines.  The random strangers were spotlight people who fell in love with us before saying our names, and one of us would be disguised as the other at some point.

If only, if only we could fix everything in life by just putting on a show!!

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