LIVE: The Nightmare of Privelige

NEW LIFE AMBITION: I will no longer discuss the ins and outs of my impending flat purchase in person. Its boring and stressful and I will not give over any more of my life to discussing it. However, I’ve aware some of you want to know because you’re interested or you want to know because you care about me and you know I’m homeless. So therefore, if you DO want the play by play, you can find all the update to date information below.

March 29: I view the flat. I email an offer

April 5: my offer is accepted I proceed with my mortgage application.

April 30: The flat is valued below my offer, I adjust my offer.

May 5: My revised offer is accepted and my mortgage offer issued. The agent says ‘the only thing now is to get the tenants out’.

May-June-July-Aug: Hackney council delays rehousing the tenants in the flat, despite the lease ending April 16. We begin court proceedings, and are given a court date of Sept 10. Meanwhile, my solicitor doesn’t like that the lease plan for the flat has a wall that isn’t present in the real flat, so the owner rebuilds a wall, and gets it approved by the council.

Aug 27: I move out of my flat and begin housesitting across london. All believe that based on the eviction timeline we should complete the sale mid-October.

Sept 10: The paper work for the eviction is bungled. We do not get a possession order for the flat. The owner writes to the council threatening legal action and begins calling them daily. We believe pressuring the council to rehouse will be faster than getting another court date.

Sept 23: My solicitor informs me he is going out of business and offers to represent my sale from a new firm. delaying the finalisation of the sale contract.

Sept 26: realising my mortgage offer expires Nov 7 and the completion of sale delayed, I begin proceedings to get a new mortgage offer.

Sept 29: My agent informs me he is leaving the current agency but will still manage the sale to completion. My solicitor believes he will receive the final paperworld to finalise the contract of sale.

Sept 30: I’m informed that the tenant in the flat is put first on the list for a flat in a peabody estate.

Oct 2: my lawyer says the draft contract will be ready for me to sign on Monday (sadly I’ll be in the USA)

Oct 6: It is revealed the tenant was not offered the peabody estate flat due to £20 in rent arrears.

Oct 7: My 2nd mortgage offer is rejected because the bank doesn’t like the ex-council property.

Oct 10: My mortgage offer is extended until Dec 8.

October 29: The tenant is offered, and accepts a flat in a property being developed. They tell us he will be moved ‘at some point soon’. We get agreement for him to move into temporary accomodation with his family…IF we pay for his moving costs.

October 30 (my birthday!): The tenant moves out. On my way to the airport to fly to mexico I inspect the flat to ascertain possession is indeed vacant. It is. I go to the bank and transfer my deposit to my solicitor and I fly to mexico.

October 31: We exchange contracts

November 7: We complete

November 14, I return from Mexico and I move in. And move on.

In summary: there is no date for the tenants to be rehoused, therefore no date for exchange or completion. I am still homeless. But I am fine.

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1 Response to LIVE: The Nightmare of Privelige

  1. Toffeeapple says:

    Ye gods, that is a dreadful story! I do hope that it has a happy ending. (((hugs)))

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