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The Shore

The Shore (Qikqitarjuaq, Nunavut) The shore is a place I can see from my window, only in the summer when the days are long. On this island of bare mountains, it hugs my home from all sides, caressing and stroking … Continue reading

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Pursuit of the British Dream

I arrived at Islington Town Hall, early and awkwardly alone. The ceremony was attended by glowing families, partners, former refugees and a handful of lone young professionals, who seriously harshed the graduation-type vibe of the occasion. When I took my … Continue reading

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(I was going to call this post of rounded-up links “Git Along, Little Blogies,” but the hand of God or Dorothy Parker or something stopped me.) What’s caught my eye (and appetite) today: From The New York Times: Hackney: From … Continue reading

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A Stew and an Oath

We had a cold snap in New York a few weeks ago — you know, the kind where it feels like the wind is demanding satisfaction from you. What made it worse, though, was the teasing intimation of spring that … Continue reading

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A Healther Take on Sausage and Peppers: Or, A More Wicked Take on Quinoa

What isn’t there to love about quinoa? I certainly can’t think of anything. It cooks up fine in a rice cooker, absorbs sauces and dressings without getting soggy and packs a surfeit of complete protein for those nights when meat … Continue reading

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The Taco Always Rings Twice: Baja Fish

It’s difficult to imbue fried foods — even the best ones — with freshness and snap, to shear away that natural feeling of overindulgence that goes hand-in-hand with eating them. Except, I’d argue, in the case of fish tacos. There … Continue reading

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Poblano Tacos

If I’m ever caught slacking at work, it’ll be because I wasn’t vigilant enough to cover my tracks as I scrolled through my favorite food websites. I’m most likely to get pinched while reading the Dinner Tonight posts on Serious … Continue reading

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Torquing Two Reliable Standbys

What you see above, a smackdown of inspirations drawn from chicken-and-rice soup and tom yum goong (but with some distinct departures from either), has reintroduced me to the easy pleasures of poached chicken. What alchemy could be simpler? In this … Continue reading

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Grit Came From Above

[To everyone who came here looking for “kittens” on Google, welcome. You should go here. Never let it be said that we here at HtoM stood between the people and what they came for.] Hailing from Georgia as I do, … Continue reading

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Almond Pancakes and Apricot Compote

The breakfasts J. and I make are usually savory—aside from our love of all things egg-related, we’re typically drawn towards foods that skew towards the saltier side. But yesterday at brunch (I might tell you where our favorite spot is … Continue reading

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