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Torquing Two Reliable Standbys

What you see above, a smackdown of inspirations drawn from chicken-and-rice soup and tom yum goong (but with some distinct departures from either), has reintroduced me to the easy pleasures of poached chicken. What alchemy could be simpler? In this … Continue reading

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Grit Came From Above

[To everyone who came here looking for “kittens” on Google, welcome. You should go here. Never let it be said that we here at HtoM stood between the people and what they came for.] Hailing from Georgia as I do, … Continue reading

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Almond Pancakes and Apricot Compote

The breakfasts J. and I make are usually savory—aside from our love of all things egg-related, we’re typically drawn towards foods that skew towards the saltier side. But yesterday at brunch (I might tell you where our favorite spot is … Continue reading

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Potato Soup with Peas

Bitter, disgusting winter weather plus a latent cold? I wanted soup, of course, but not the usual suspects — chicken noodle, tom yum goong or any others in their brothy company. I wanted something hearty, but silky; starch-laden but still … Continue reading

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Sure, It’s Confiture

Homemade strawberry jam is one of those things that, when you announce to friends that you’re planning to make some, elicits several comments that are — for my part — not so accurate. Most of these comments drop neatly into … Continue reading

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Pommes Fraîches

This past Sunday, J., our friend R. and I woke up at seven in the morning to have possibly the most wholesome day of all time — we went apple picking and antique hunting in upstate New York with our … Continue reading

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Totally Awesome: The Dosa Man Triumphs

After two years of runner-up prizes at the Vendies, Thiru “Dosa Man” Kumar wins NYC’s top street food award. I couldn’t be happier about it: the man’s kept me in shatteringly murugal, totally delicious rava dosa clover since B. and … Continue reading

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